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We are here to provide skilled guidance, hope and inspiration as you make physical and mental changes on your journey to wellness.

We believe in a whole body and whole person approach to health. Our goal is to get to know you, to hear your concerns, to evaluate your symptoms and discuss your goals for your health and wellbeing. We will design an individualized plan to jumpstart you on a path of healing.


  • Pelvic Pain Conditions:
    • Pelvic floor spasm, vulvar pain, vestibulitis, vaginismus, dyspareunia, levator ani syndrome.
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
    • Stress/urge incontinence, prolapse, urethrocele, rectocele, cystocele, enterocele.
  • Women’s Health:
    • Post-mastectomy therapy and associated treatments.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues
  • On the job Injuries:
    • Strains, sprains, repetitive injuries (carpel tunnel syndrome), trauma, tendonitis.
  • Orthopedics:
    • Fractures, dislocations, separations, joint replacements.
  • Spinal Injuries:
    • Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacroiliac joint treatment.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents:
    • Whiplash, trauma to the spine or extremities, Headache, chronic pain.
  • Nerve Injuries:
    • Sciatica, disc ruptures, nerve injuries and inflammation.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries:
    • Bursitis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, myositis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint sprains/strains, hand injury.
  • Myofascial Pain:
    • Chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia.
  • Post-Operative care:
    • Joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, Achilles/quad tendon repair, wrist and hand rehabilitation, ACL and knee reconstruction, and other post-surgical rehabilitation.


Corey Williams

Owner & Physical Therapist

My name is Corey Williams, Owner and Physical Therapist

I am a water-girl from Whidbey Island, Washington. I grew up right on the Puget Sound, exploring the woods, climbing trees and swimming through the endless summer days. The outdoors are my native habitat. I believe in the restorative benefits of fresh air and moving our bodies out-of-doors.

I studied Spanish at the University of Washington and in Oaxaca, Mexico and completed a Masters degree in Physical Therapy at the Mayo School of Health Related Sciences in Minnesota. I was drawn to physical therapy 20 years ago by my love for people and devotion to wellness. I have worked with a range of ages, diagnoses and in various treatment settings including outpatient orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics and inpatient and acute care. I specialize in the treatment of the pelvis and pelvic floor conditions. Please see my services for additional information regarding these services.

I love change, I love what is new and growing, I love connecting with people, with knowing someone’s soul. I am married to my partner-in-adventure Sean and have two fun-and-fiery children. We left the big city years ago and put down our roots in Roslyn, Washington; we love small town life! Weekends you will find me hiking and skiing, clucking at my chickens, dancing with my children, digging in our garden and making homemade sauerkraut or green bean pickles. I (mostly) embrace the mess, chaos and boundless curiosity of childhood. I am a skilled practitioner, devoted friend, mountain mama, decent salsa-dancer, and passionate Spanish-speaker with chronic wanderlust.

Erin Krekling, PT, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

My name is Erin Krekling, Staff Physical Therapist

I grew up in northeast Indiana, graduated from Eastern University in Pennsylvania (2000) with a B.A. in Economics and Finance. After graduation I moved to the PNW to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and serve as an AmeriCorps member. I fell in love with WA state where I also met my husband and became an outdoor enthusiast. My husband and I have been adventure partners since 2001, including thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2003, and we have had the opportunity to share our love for the outdoors with our children (now 10 and 12 years old). We enjoy hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, bike packing, and paddle boarding as a family.

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for being physically active. Since I can remember I played backyard games and organized sports. In high school I ran track and played soccer and then went on to play college soccer and lacrosse. In 2013 I began my journey into the profession of physical therapy as a physical therapist assistant (PTA), and in 2021 I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with my clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT).

I am a physical activity and wellness forward PT who is passionate about understanding how each patient “moves” throughout their daily lives. I will focus on the whole person by integrating the dynamic nature of our own bodies and the world around us and keeping perspective on how the social determinants of health influence a patient’s experience and condition in very individual ways. My goal is to develop partnerships and guide each patient in understanding their special role in improving their own health.


Having needed physical therapy on five separate occasions and each time from a different therapist, Corey Williams is head and shoulders above them all. Ms. Williams not only has extensive knowledge about the inner workings of the human body but also the ability to clearly explain her techniques to the patient. Under her care she develops a plan specific to each individual. During every session Ms. Williams works with only one patient at a time. She does not leave the session or pass you off to someone else, your appointment time is entirely with her. If you need physical therapy it is because something is wrong. In addition to receiving successful results, you will find Ms. Williams to be kind and compassionate; a rare commodity seen less and less in the medical field.

Corey Williams has helped me to avoid surgery for a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome and to recover from a full knee replacement surgery. Her holistic approach has taught me how to move in ways that help me to avoid future injuries while also helping me to build strength, confidence and endurance. I have been empowered by the care I have received from Corey. I leave her office with more than a list of exercises. I leave with an understanding of how my body moves and the things I can do to improve my well-being. She truly listens to my concerns and has taken the time to learn what is important to me. Corey Williams has helped me to return to the active lifestyle thatI enjoy!

Corey became my trusted therapist before and after I had a radical hysterectomy. I was so grateful for her gentle and patient approach and continuous encouragement toward on very gentle exercises and breathing awareness to help my body be able to relax and heal from the trauma of not only the operation but also previous physical and mental scarring. She literally helped me to re-educate my body to breathe and move in a different way to bring about pain relief and healing. She also helped me with some great exercises to help with my shoulder impingement and was honestly the only therapist who was able to unlock blockages and bring some pain relief within one session. Sometimes physical therapy can be quite a challenge and she offered just the right balance to motivate me to do the exercises slowly but surely to bring about great results. I am so grateful to have had her as my physical therapist and of course highly recommend her to anyone else seeking this kind of help.


Tamarack Physical therapy is credentialed with the following insurance companies:

  • Ambetter
  • Amerigroup
  • Asuris
  • Auto Insurance
  • Community Health Plan of WA
  • Coordinated Care
  • DSHS
  • First Choice
  • HMA
  • Kaiser
  • Medicare
  • Railroad Medicare
  • Triwest (Active duty only)
  • United Healthcare
  • Workers Compensation

In addition to the list above, Tamarack Physical Therapy accepts all insurance companies that provide out of network benefits. Please call your insurance company directly regarding the specifics of your physical therapy benefits. You may refer to the "Insurance Verification" form in the Forms section of this website for specific questions to ask about your benefits.


If you have a pelvic floor condition, please fill out the "Pelvic Floor Patient History". For all other conditions please fill out the "General Patient History".

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